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Bellini was an amazingly talented Italian composer in the first half of the nineteenth century, known as the "Mozart of Italy" and having originated the Bel Canto style of opera in the early 19th century. Many of his operas were and still are popular throughout Europe. having a profound influence on the musical creations of Chopin and Verdi. Bellini's operas "Norma", "La sonnambula", “Il Pirata” and "I puritani" are still in the repertoires of opera stages in various countries today and his works are still regularly performed and cherished around the world. Verdi raved about his "long, long, long melodies such as no one before had ever written." and the likes of famous composers such as Liszt and Chopin professed themselves fans of his work. 

On February 3rd, 2020, the internationally renowned competition "2020 Roma Music Festival, Bellini International Voice Competition" was successfully held in Rome, the beautiful and romantic capital of Italy, where Bel Canto originated from.


"2020 Roma Music Festival, Bellini International Voice Competition" was organized by the Artist International Music and Dance Association. It is a non-profit organization that gathers many world-class musicians, promoting not only cultural but also artistic exchange. Often being hailed as "a bridge to the international stage for young singers from various countries.”, it has acquired contestants from all over the world to participate. For the past several years, more than 5000 participants from 150 countries and regions such as Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, China, South Korea, Singapore, and other countries all over the world have taken part in this prestigious competition. Especially as the cradle of Italian opera vocal art, the laurel of the competition has become an honor dreamed by young singers from all over the world. 


Participants are selected on behalf of their countries to come to Italy and showcase their talent. Singers range from not only well-known young vocalists and singers from professional groups, but also vocal music professors and students from conservatories, universities, and musical theatres internationally. It is not easy having to select just a few prize winners from such a large group of extremely talented participants, yet after the preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and final selections followed by a fierce competition, the award-winning concert for the shining finalists was held on February 3 at the Basilica di San Martino ai Monti in Rome with the Roma Opera Theatre Orchestra.


Throughout the years. our judge panel consisted of famous singers, conductors, vocal educators and opera directors from a wide plethora of countries, and the lineup of jurors are usually very diverse. They include: M. Favero (Soprano), GD Stefano (Tenor), M. Olivero (Soprano), F. Tagliavini (Tenor), G. Tucci (Soprano), F. Corelli (Tenor), J. Sutherland (Soprano) , G. Raimondi (Tenor), P. Cappuccilli (Baritone), G. Pastorello (Tenor), Sergio Oliva (Director), Leonardo Quadrini (Conductor), Mary Liu (Soprano), Colin Yip (Tenor), Fabio Andreotti (Tenor), Maria Dragoni (Soprano) and more. 

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