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Roma Music Festival:

Bellini International Voice Competition 


"2020 Roma Music Festival, Bellini International Voice Competition" was organized by the Artist International Music and Dance Association. It is a non-profit organization that gathers many world-class musicians, promoting not only cultural but also artistic exchange. Often being hailed as "a bridge to the international stage for young singers from various countries.”, it has gathered contestants from many different places to participate. For the past several years, more than 5000 participants from over 150 countries and regions such as Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, China, South Korea, Singapore, and other countries around the world have taken part in this prestigious competition. The accolades bestowed upon competitors of this monumental event have become an honor dreamed by young singers from all over the world. 

Proudly presented by The Artists International Music and Dance Association 
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